Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not Hotel Related

Two weeks ago my sister completed her first Triathlon. It was fun to watch her cross the finish line and I have always dreamed of doing one.
So, I have been training for the last two weeks. The swim is a half mile, bike is 14 miles and the run is 3.5 miles. The swim and the run should be no problem, but I am a little worried about the bike. In fact, until Sunday I didn't even own a bike. Tony has been really supportive and wants me to reach this goal, so he took me to the bike store to pick out my bike.

I had no idea just how expensive good road bikes were. Tony insisted that I get whatever bike I needed so I came home with a beautiful Specialized Ruby Comp. I think the bike might weigh less than two pounds. It's carbon fiber with special gel inserts to take the edge of the pavement.

So last night I took it out on the bike path for the first time. It will be a couple weeks before I figure out the gears, but it was fun. My butt hurts a little today, but not as bad as it would have without the special padded butt shorts.

I'm excited to go through this process and I really hope I can be ready by Thanksgiving weekend for the triathlon.