Saturday, November 17, 2007


Just a few months ago I started this adventure as a GM. In the beginning I couldn't admit that I was a GM instead of a Sales Manager. I thought of it as just a trail, but I fell in love with managing the team and have found it to be very natural. It's odd to me, but I must be doing something right. The hotel has exceeded the companies expectations and the teams seem to have made a major turn in the right direction.

When I first started with this company it was at a smaller hotel in the same town up the road. That hotel is beautiful and has always had a special place in my heart. We still own it and it's always done well, that's the reason they purchased the hotel I run. Unfortunately, the hotel's occupancy has slipped a little and they have been having some minor issues. So Monday I received a phone call from the corporate office. They need me to manage that hotel also and help bring it back up to where it was. So now I will be managing two hotels in one town. I'm excited but nervous. I just got my hotel running smoothly and now I have another to turn around. So another 6 months of long hours and hard work, but it really is a great opportunity. It's the best possible thing for my career and I hope I can make a positive difference.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm in Shock

Before I begin, let me just point out that the hotel front desk team calls me for just about everything. They call me if they have trouble making and reservation, can't find their pay check or can't remember what day the work. The Night Auditor has always been the worst offender. He called me one night at 1 am, because he didn't see his pay check in the drawer.

So today is Tuesday, I took Monday off to do a little training for the Triathlon. I had noticed that the phone has been very quiet and the hotel has not called me all weekend. I just assumed everything was running smoothly. Not so much.....

I get to the hotel about 7:30, I greet my team and open the door to my office. On the floor is a note from the night auditor. I won't go into detail but the note stated that on Friday night (4 days ago) I guest died in their room.

Yes, DIED. A young man and his friends partied a little too hard and one friend finally called 911 after he vomited blood everywhere and died. The Paramedics came and pronounced him dead and left his body in the room. The Coroner came back at 6 am and picked him up. So the entire weekend the Housekeeping and maintenance cleaned the room for hours and I was home, just living my life.

When I spoke to the auditor today, he was convinced that he had left a message for someone "but maybe it wasn't me."

So you can call me if you can't find your paycheck but you can't remember to call when someone dies.......Interesting.