Monday, January 5, 2009

Ugh, Hills

Did I mention my new community is all hills? The first mile of my daily run is straight uphill. I'm thinking it will be another two weeks before I don't have to walk any of it. Today I only walked two times so I can see the progress. The only good part is running back down the hill.

I did 3.2 miles on Friday and have been doing 1.8 miles on the week days. I'm pretty pleased considering I didn't run for almost a year. I can't imagine where I would be if I hadn't been walking so much. Thank go for two hyper pups. Speaking of Pups, I have to say that Norco and Ally also love this new routine. Norco likes to pick up the pace going down hill and his ear flap in the wind and his smile gets wider. Then he comes home and crashes for about an hour.

Norco is definitely going through the naughty adolescent phase. On Sunday, I reached my wits end and took him to a trainer for an evaluation. I had no idea there was this fantastic obedience school just down the road. Very cool. The trainer loved Norco and said he has an amazing disposition and would be a great therapy dog. He just needs training. So the training has started.

Here's a photo of Norkie a few months ago.